Monday, February 20, 2017

How Surfing Has Changed Me

Surfing is transformative.  It is so hard to describe to a non-surfer what is so magical about the experience of gliding over the water.  I've found that I have changed since I began surfing, sometimes in ways I never expected.

  • I am less anxious and more brave. Facing the power of the ocean, and standing up on water makes me feel as if I can do anything. I took my first airplane ride last fall and loved it. I think surfing helped.
  •  I am more invested in my workouts and fitness.  Getting fit for surfing is both motivation and goal.  
  • I don't care about being skinny; I want to be strong.
  • I am more patient. The experience of being in the line-up, waiting for a wave has taught me to relax a little when waiting for other things.
  • I have become more passionate about protecting the environment, and especially the oceans. 
  • I've become very interested in the weather. Weather = Waves!
  • I'm more relaxed about storms, since now I know that there may a swell as a reward.
  • I've completely lost interest in fashion magazines.
  • I don't care as much about fashion and makeup.  Sure, I want to look put together for work, but it's not a huge priority anymore.
  • I've become a very boring conversationalist.  I can find a way to work surfing into just about any conversation!  
I'm excited to see where surfing more will take me! 

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