Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where I am now....

My plan for the winter was to continue building my upper body and core strength, and be ready to hit the waves at every opportunity.  On cyber Monday, I bought myself a 3/2 fullsuit.  No more rentals!  

I could not wait until women's surf night started up again. And then, the day I found out the exact date, I got home and found I had won an Amazon gift card.  I decided to do something impulsive with it.  I bought a board. I am now the proud owner of a 9 foot! 
It's not fancy and not custom, but it's my first board.  I spent all my birthday money (thanks mom, dad, auntie and gran!) on what I needed to get in the water- wax, racks, hood, booties, gloves and a beautiful 5/4 wetsuit.  As soon as I got everything I needed, the waves went flat. I am ready to hit those cold winter waves!  I obsessively check the forecasts, praying for a Nor'easter to hit a day or two before the weekend.  It's gotta happen soon!

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